Day 6 Post Op

I am feeling more and more like myself each day. I am only taking Tylenol XS three times a day (3000 mg) and a Benadryl at night to help me fall asleep. I had an allergic reaction (hives) to Tramadol and didn’t want to take the Hydrocodone that was prescribed (side effects are constipation and addiction/dependence, so, no thanks). My stomach is starting to rapidly deflate and my gate is maybe 50% of what it was. The belly-button incision gives me the heebie-jeebies, but that is largely psychological. I’m back to eating most foods, just in smaller quantities more often throughout the day. Some pics of my belly to follow (note: this belly has had three kids and been whipped into shape more often than it likes). I have internal, dissolving sutures and glue, so nothing that needs to be removed at my first post-op appointment next week. There are four small (1 cm) incisions for the instruments and scopes. The fifth incision for retrieval is omitted, because as the kids say, TMI, but it’s pretty much a c-section incision in terms of location and size, maybe a little smaller at 3 inches? If this isn’t what you want to see – quick – scroll faster, hit the back button or close out of this window completely! I’m including them because I was definitely curious to see what the incisions would look like when I was making my decision. Hooray for (Da Vinci) robots!

Post Op Day One
Post Op Day Six

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