28 things in 28 days

A list, sort of in order, of the things I’ve been able to do since donating a kidney four weeks ago today. I’ll preface this by saying there are three factors in my recovery: first, I was in really good shape before donating and used to exercising nearly every day. Second, I’ve been sleeping probably an additional hour each night and taking a 1-2 hour nap on a lot of days. Finally I’m a pretty healthy eater and have tried to be consistent with eating clean and staying hydrated.

  1. Going pee (I get asked this by almost everyone I talk to about it). They removed the catheter the morning after surgery and I started peeing without any issues immediately afterward
  2. Lots and lots of short walks around the neighborhood
  3. Pedicure with my sister-in-law
  4. Climbed out on a roof (through a window) to supervise construction
  5. Started driving and shuttling my kids around again, 12 days post-op
  6. Kayaked (on a smooth, flat lake)
  7. Celebrated my 9 and 13 year old’s birthdays with small parties
  8. Met with a new client and developed design ideas for a remodel
  9. Grocery shopped and cooked (my kids carry the bags)
  10. Played wiffle ball in the yard (my girls took turns being my designated runner)
  11. Took my 15 year old to the DMV for her learner’s permit – and she checked the organ donation box 🙂
  12. Volunteered at a local triathlon
  13. Started walking my dog again (he’s 78 lbs, a “gentle-leader” is great for keeping him under control)
  14. Date night (saw The Big Sick) with my husband
  15. Resumed running 3-4 miles, 2-3 times a week (with walk breaks)
  16. Resumed, uh, marital relations (sorry family, you can go scrub your brains with bleach)
  17. Attended a wedding
  18. Biked 6 miles to a restaurant with my daughter and her friends
  19. 1000m lap swim
  20. Light yardwork
  21. Road biked 15 miles with a friend
  22. Went to a Brewer’s Game
  23. Volunteered at school registration
  24. Took my kids to State Fair (they don’t say “the” in Wisconsin)
  25. Attended my bi-monthly board meeting
  26. 1200m open water swim
  27. Tried out my neighbor’s solo sculling boat
  28. Climbed a ladder to supervise more construction

Next on my list are wearing a pair of jeans and resuming yoga! In the grand scheme of things this surgery hasn’t really set me back too much physically. I have been pretty diligent about resting and still need to watch for signs that I’m maybe doing too much and need to lie down for a bit. When compared with the benefits to the recipient, it has been an incredibly small price to pay.

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